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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

At Egyptian LNG we believe that we need to maintain the highest standards of Corporate Governance in order to ensure that Egyptian LNG is performing to the desired standards across the Company’s functions and that objectives are attained, performance effectively monitored and transparency, responsibility, business ethics and integrity are always prevalent. Corporate Governance is directly related to the internal means by which the Company is operated and controlled, taking into account the interests and goals of all the stakeholders.

The Governance Framework model consists of three components:

  1. Organization and Structure.
  2. Risk-based Business Internal Controls (Risk Management, Fraud Risk Management, Conflict of Interest and Gifts & Hospitality regulations, Governance Self-Assessment (GSA), Segregation of Duties, Limits of Authority (LOA), Applicable policies and standards).
  3. A robust Review and Assurance System (Audit Process (External & Internal), Corporate Reporting).

Our Business Principles

  • Egyptian LNG Business Principles establish the core beliefs and behaviors guiding the way we conduct business and are applicable to everyone within Egyptian LNG (employees, agents, representatives, consultants or contractors)
  • Acceptance of Business Principles is a condition of employment at Egyptian LNG; it is everyone's responsibility within Egyptian LNG to ensure that the policies and principles are practiced.
  • Egyptian LNG Business Principles are in alignment with the Company’s Mission Statement which is ‘To deliver World Class performance in producing LNG safely, reliably and efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner’ and any breaches to Egyptian LNG Business Principles may lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant Egyptian LNG policies.
Corporate Governance