Egyptian LNG
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Egyptian LNG at a Glance

We provide Liquefied Natural Gas according to the global high standards of the modern technology and expertise to support the energy and the development of human life.

The company capitalized on a two-trains rolling construction schedule to achieve one of the lowest cost facilities worldwide. In addition, Egyptian LNG set a record in speed-to-market. The development of the project took less than six years from gas discovery to first LNG production which places it at the forefront of World LNG projects.
The process of gas liquefaction starts with extracting natural gas from Rashid wells then processing and manufacturing gas followed by liquefaction stage in the units of gas liquefaction at Egyptian LNG Idku plant where liquefied gas is stored and transported by huge tankers to sites bringing it back to a gaseous state and supplied to the final consumer.

The company’s operating process is carried out by the latest operating systems and advanced electronic applications in the world, as well as the company’s port management, which works with the latest scientific methods and global shipping industry since gas liquefaction is a modern and developed technological industry.