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Message from CEO

Egyptian LNG is a tolling facility situated in IDKU city, Governorate of El BEHIERA, along Egypt’s North Coast. The Egyptian LNG facilities comprise of two LNG production trains and include the common facilities such as storage tanks, loading jetty and utilities. Egyptian LNG Train 1 and Train 2 have a combined capacity of 7.2 MTPA. Operating since 2005, Egyptian LNG has a world class record of safe delivery and operational excellence, fitting strategically with the Government of Egypt’s vision of turning the country into a regional energy hub.

Most recently Egyptian LNG has faced significant challenges due to feed-gas shortages, it continues to hold the inherent potential of current and future value to its shareholders by virtue of its unique business model. The Egyptian LNG team have navigated successfully into new waters, rising up to the challenges and developing a new mode of operation procedures to address the intermittent feed gas supplies equally, managing our cost base efficiently as a reflection of the new realities.

Although the said challenges are expected to continue which in turn mount pressure on our business both with regards to day to day Operations, financial solvency and Asset integrity. However, I’m confident that Egyptian LNG teams are well-equipped to manage these challenges efficiently and navigate safety to the other end.
To enable addressing these challenges, our key business focus will evolve around three pillars:

HSSE is a key element of our day to day focus and under NO circumstances we tolerate cutting corners or accepting malpractices. Complacency is a risk that attacks successful organizations and we are very wary and on guard at all times.

Our team understand that full adherence to ELNG management systems policies and procedures is expected at all times. Key leaders of our organization have set a plan to re-enforce periodic health checks to our management systems with three key fundamentals:
  • Zero Tolerance to wrong doings – ELNG golden Rules.
  • Clear accountability and ownership.
  • Competency Assurance Management system.
Asset Integrity
We continue to manage the risks associated with the interrupted feed gas and we are on track on our successful journey to date through:
  • Operational Excellence close monitoring of our day to day KPI’s.
  • Developing adequate measures to deal with associated risks.
  • Building consensus with the manufacturer and license holders.
Our people are the most valuable Asset of ELNG and continue to be at the forefront of the organization priorities. We strive towards the goal of helping people to explore their development journey to help them achieve their full potential.

I am confident that Egyptian LNG team will navigate safely through the current challenges to preserve maximum value to our shareholders.

Chief Executive Officer - Egyptian LNG