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Apply to join us

How do I apply?

  • Candidates need to search for page ‘Current Vacancies’. When you find something that matches what you are looking for, you will be given the option to apply. The relevant method of application will be outlined in the detailed job description.

What if I can't find a vacancy to match my skills and experience?

  • Please regularly check the ‘Current Vacancies’ page for suitable positions as new vacancies are posted as soon as they become available. If no vacancies are suitable then send your CV to with the desired position according to your qualifications.

What if I have a condition that affects my interview or application?

  • Egyptian LNG will do their best to support any needs you may have and will adjust the application and interview process as appropriate.

Do I need to have experience of working in the energy industry to join ELNG?

  • It depends on the position you’re interested in. Many technical roles require you to have spent time in a similar job and environment, while others require less specific experience. Most of our commercial opportunities are based on generic business skill-sets and thus do not require experience of the energy industry.