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Social Performance Collaboration Forum (SPCF)

For more efficient and effective community development, the parties engaged in petroleum operations in the Idku hub wished to address the social conditions faced by the Idku community by means of establishing a Social Performance Collaboration Forum (SPCF). This forum aims to oversee the development of the social performance program in accordance with the International Finance Corporation Performance Standard (IFC Performance Standard) and supports the Idku Community in financing and implementing the program. Shareholders are as follows:
  • Shell - Egypt
  • PICL (Egypt) Corporation Ltd. (“PICL”)
  • Edison International S.p.A. (“Edison”)
  • Engie
  • Rashid Petroleum Company S.A.E. (“Rashpetco”)
  • Burullus Gas Company S.A.E. (“Burullus”)
  • The Egyptian Operating Company for Natural Gas Liquefaction Projects S.A.E. (“ELNG”)
SPCF Objectives:
  • Provide a forum for communication between the parties on social performance issues.
  • Expand and broaden existing social investment activities into a sustainable multiyear program focused on improving community livelihoods.
  • Initiate a community consultation process to establish a relationship between the parties and the people directly affected by their operations.
  • Make efforts to ensure that all new existing project activities conducted on behalf of the parties in the Idku area are conducted to manage risks appropriately.
The following projects have been implemented:
  • Idku Deaf and Mute Building
  • IDKU Trainees
  • Fisheries, Agriculture, Handicrafts by ACDI/VOCA
  • Outreach (CARAVAN)