Egyptian LNG
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Process Description

The LNG production consists of three main stages: Pre-treatment, Liquefaction, Storage and Loading. During these stages the LNG processing goes through five major steps; contaminants removal, gas chilling, LNG storage, NGL separation, loading.
  • First natural gas is treated to remove contaminants such as H2S, CO2, water and mercury.
  • Then the treated gas is chilled to approximately -160°C in successively colder heat exchangers that use Propane, Ethylene and Methane as refrigerants.
  • At that time natural gas is converted to LNG and then pumped into 2 insulated storage tanks (140,000 m³ each).
  • Heavy Hydrocarbons are separated throughout the process and later returned to upstream.
  • LNG is exported through 36 inch pipeline utilizing Egyptian LNG port facilities which is designed to accommodate ships ranging in capacity from 40,000 m³ to 165,000 m³.