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Egyptian LNG is keen to protect the environment and conserve resources starting from our initial design and engineering considerations to the process phase. Our customers and communities benefit from the positive environmental outcomes delivered by our employees, process and practices.

Egyptian LNG generates sustainable alternatives in the process and management of our plant, including reducing material requirements, waste to landfill water and energy use.

Egyptian LNG works collaboratively with different stakeholders to implement environmental sustainability programs to improve human health and local conditions, such as waste management, recycling, and conservation. Our goal is to build practical appreciation, local engagement and capacities to protect and conserve the local environment on a long term.

Internal initiatives, created and driven by Egyptian LNG employees continually generate new ideas. Through our technical studies, our engineers pursue advances in technology, design and construction techniques, processes and tools.

Egyptian LNG contributes to sustainability beyond Egyptian LNG fences by sharing safety and environmental practices with our stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and communities whenever, wherever Egyptian LNG operates. Egyptian LNG has adopted various methodologies to maintain its strategy such as:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study was conducted that lists all the mitigation measures and / or monitoring plans that should be in place to achieve Egyptian LNG goals and targets.
  • Egyptian LNG developed a unique Environmental Monitoring and Measurements Plan (EMMP), reveals the commitment of implementation of the sustainable development approach in all the operations and activities of the project phases.
  • EMMP covers all the environmental aspect listed in EIA and all Egyptian environmental law requirements in addition to the World Bank requirements.
  • Egyptian LNG seek for certification of its own environmental management system as recognition of its achievements in the field of environmental protection.