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QHSE Performance systems, campaigns & intiatives

“Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility” is a motto that Egyptian LNG believes in and works hard to achieve and maintain. Egyptian LNG Management, staff and contractors engagement are the core value that brings systems to life.
QHSE works on behavioral-based schemes in an inter-related performance Management Systems to ensure all site personnel dedication, contribution and ownership. Examples of initiatives implemented are:
  • WOSSIT System
    Weekly Observational Site Safety Inspection Tour; where all staff act as a fresh eye to spot hazards, identify and report them with the help of a check list. This is organized through teamwork to ensure competitive challenging motivational work atmosphere.
  • STOP System
    Safety Training Observation Program; staff are requested to proactively identify risks and take an action to stop the risky action observed, explain the associated hazards to stop it and modify accordingly.
  • Near-miss Reporting
    Employees are encouraged to report risks and hazards that they observe as a potential incident. Near-miss reports are handled within 24 hours, where the QHSE Staff categorize the near-miss, assign investigation teams where necessary. Comprehensive incident reports are issued in case of incidents.
  • Lessons Learned Bulletins
    A comprehensive LLB network to raise the QHSE awareness and capture the lessons gained and learned. Moreover, advisory Lessons Learnt Bulletins are issued in events of epidemics, safety recommendations and alerts in occasions to maintain a safety culture on and off site.
  • Children’s Safety Day
    Health and Safety Egyptian LNG is targeting a wider scope and starting a new challenge to develop an HSE Culture within new generations. In 2014, Egyptian LNG organized its First “Children Safety Day” where staff’s children were introduced to the HSE measures, standards and values. Transferring “Safety” as core value to new generations as “Safety Rising Stars” in order to develop a wider HSE Culture within Egypt.
  • Egyptian LNG - 10 Golden Rules
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